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4.3 ( 3853 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğlence Aile
Geliştirici: Bryan Cimo

Welcome to the increasingly popular world of PinBalloons. Thats right...the only full version of PinBalloons right here at your fingertips!

The subtly original game that pulls you into a world where balloons bump off objects and float around the room. It is your job to keep them in the air by pushing them with your finger. If a balloon hits the floor, the level restarts.

It begins simply...

A balloon. A child’s game. You can do this in your sleep. O, but wait...theres more.

Progressively difficult levels with different challenges. Each level increases in one way or another...

Some levels go for longevity, some have a fan that pushes the balloons down just as fast as you push them up. There are levels that increase the number of balloons as the time increases, adding challenges as you unlock higher levels.

For now, there are 35 levels, 6 colors of balloons and a fan. Unlock all 35 levels, you earn the golden balloon.

Updates will include new challenges, new background choices, new music, new levels, and yes, a bonus game-within-the-game! Watch for free updates coming soon. Leave feedback on any new features you’d like and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Are you able? Are you ready? Can you handle it? It’s just kids’ play after all, isn’t it?

Game features:
–Random balloon colors
–Touch screen play
–Easy to learn
–Quick to play
–Integrated physics engine
–Automatic level save
-All this...and its latex free!